For 125 years, the Erie Humane Society has served as a safety-net for relinquished, stray, and abandoned animals and ensures that each animal is treated with compassion and given the best quality of care.

We are a small shelter with a dedicated staff and a strong volunteer base. We are committed to helping those who can not help themselves, to keep them safe, to provide shelter, care and nutrition, affection and enrichment, and to help them lead happy healthy lives.

We are able to care for the animals that come through our doors each year by working hard and making the most of our resources. With community support, we are able to continue striving toward our mission, taking in more animals that may have no other hope for a second chance, and creating their happy endings.

The services we provide our shelter pets include shelter, feeding, veterinary care, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, grooming, temperament testing, kennel maintenance, cruelty prevention and much more.

Our Mission

  • To provide shelter, care, adoption services, and good homes for animals.
  • To provide a humane option for people who can no longer care for their pet.
  • To promote responsible pet ownership through education and outreach.
  • To prevent the abuse, neglect and cruel treatment of domesticated animals.
  • To provide high-quality, affordable, entry-level veterinary care to pets of residents in our region.

Annual Report